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There’s no place like Nome…or is there?

Everyone knows about Alaska’s Iditarod where teams of dogs pull sleds across the tundra. In last decade or so Iditarod copycats have been rearing their ugly heads in the name of fun and charity across the nation. New York has its Idiotard (note the first 5 letters) (est. 2003), San Francisco established their Urban Iditaron back in the last century (1994) while a growing number of others are cropping up each year from Washington D.C. to Portland, Oregon.

These Iditarod wannabe races consist of teams of four people each often in outrageous costumes substituting for the dogs. They are attached by ropes to shopping carts led by a musher. The object is for spectators to help fill the shopping carts with food (last year over 7000lbs.)—that will be distributed to the needy.

Spectators are invited to come today to Chicago’s OWN Fifth Annual Chiditarod and asked to bring packaged or canned food to donate. The starting horn sounds at noon at Wollcot and Hubbard (1900 W. Hubbard). The race and the fun continues its way winding through the Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village and Bucktown neighborhoods. All and all it’s a good time for a good cause…thank you very mush.

More on the CHIDITAROD:
Entries will be judged on:
Best art cart
Worst fashion
Most pathetic display
Best in Food
And more.
Where should I watch the race?
The race will follow a course inside these boundaries:
• North Avenue on the North
• Madison on the South
• Halsted on the East
• California on the West

Calling all Losers…
The Biggest Loser is having a casting call for the new season. The weigh off starts at 10a.m. at the NBC Tower and continues to 6p.m.  Be prepared for a long wait—so bring a snack. Don’t even bother to come if you don’t need to lose at the very least 100lbs. 455 N. Cityfront Plaza.

Sign of Spring...
The Chicago Garden and Flower Show returns to Navy Pier. Today through March 14.

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