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Swedish American Museum Offers a FREE DAY.

Enjoy free admission, complimentary coffee, and treats at the Swedish American Museum today. Check out their just opened exhibit “Sweden Through My Glasses” featuring the intimate, dream-like paintings of Swedish artist Anders Hultman. 7:30a.m. to 8p.m. 5211 N. Clark, (773) 728 8111.

Mitt Romney comes to the Windy City. Last night, Larry King, tonight Chicago. Mitt Romney is out promoting his book, “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.” It’s probably safe to guess that he will also give his opinions on Health Care in his appearance as part of the McCormick Freedom Project at Chase Auditorium. Tickets, $25, includes the book. 6p.m., 10 S. Dearborn. (312) 445 5111.

If you’re looking for a bite after the program, you’re in the right spot with nearby restaurants including the Italian Village, Trattoria No. 10, Vivere, Lockwood and others.

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  1. Warning: False Flag attack planned for Sears Tower

    The NWO might be planning to bring down the Sears Tower in Chicago just as they did with the WTC during 9/11. The reason they may wish to do so is because they want to bring in new legislation to detain 'terror suspects' forever WITHOUT TRIAL.

    "Is the Sears / Willis tower targeted?

    I was sort of hum drumming the subject of a false flag attack on 6/11 as many were predicting, and while I was trying to surf up what people were saying about the Sears / Willis tower on 6/11 I ran into a mysterious case of web censorship, and it was enough to make me say something. ........

    Here is the link to the blog post blocked by T-mobile.

    OLD BILL PRESENTED AS NEW BILL before Congress allows indefinite detention without charge or trial!
    If this thing passes, get out when you still have a chance!

    Dual citizen Joe Lieberman and Senator John McCain have dredged up a formerly rejected nightmare bill and once again put it before Congress, which will allow lifelong imprisonment of "terror" suspects without trial, representation, or even a reason for why they were imprisoned. This bill, which was originally drafted and brought before Congress on March 3 of 2010 as the "Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010" (S.3081) in the aftermath of the Christmas day bombing attempt, has been brought back to the floor without being assigned a new number and is this time waiting for the right circumstance to allow it to be rammed through in the heat of the moment following what I believe will be an upcoming planned terror attack. I believe the "failure" to assign the bill a new number is really an attempt to hide it and prevent people from writing to strike it down - you can't strike down what does not officially exist. It is my fear that the moment a staged event happens, it will be assigned a number and rammed through instantly while public emotions run high, without discussion or review.

    This bill allows lifelong detention without accusation, representation, or trial. That's right, they can just grab you and lock you up and never tell you why, never tell your family where you went, and never give you a chance to even make a phone call or ask for a trial. You just VANISH. "ENEMY BELLIGERENT" means someone who speaks in a way the government is uncomfortable with. So 911 realists, protestors, ANYONE who blows the whistle, anyone with a Ron Paul bumper sticker, ect, could potentially be targeted and locked up in absolute silence and secrecy. This is RUSSIA on steroids folks, Russia at least had a 25 year time limit on detention; this bill makes it FOREVER."

    According to Dimitri Khalezov, there are nuclear devices stored below the Sears Tower for its eventual demolition (just like the WTC and these were used during 9/11). He talks of this at 6:20 mins in this video clip